Making a fat suit

How to make a fat suit…

Our school is performing Hairspray and we had to make the skinny singers in the leads look fatter.  We needed fat suits, but nobody knew where to begin.

This is what I did.


Buy two T-shirts – one in the person’s  original size and one in the size you need in the end.  2.

Cut off the hem and add a short pair of leggings to each T-shirt (make  or buy).


Make up a T-shirt (sleeveless) out of batting/quilting.  It is easiest to sew this by hand.  Add extra padding for the boobs and bum. 


You would need an opening and fasteners at the back.  I chose Velcro.  Sew this onto the outer layer before putting everything together. 

You can add darts to the outer layer to enhance the shape.


Put all three layers into each other. Start with the small one inside, then the batting in-between and the large one on the outside. 


Stitch all the layers together.  Cut out the neckline and shorten the sleeves if the character has to wear a low neckline or short sleeves.





It is a good idea to stitch elastic around the neck to keep the shoulders from sliding off during the performance.

     The finished suit!!       


                             Before                                                       After




9 thoughts on “Making a fat suit”

      1. Good morning. The suits ended up being quite soft and comfortable because of the soft t-shirting, but they were hot. In spite of our show being in winter. It helped that they were short sleeved and legged. Good luck.


    1. Hi Skyler
      This has been a while ago but I will try.

      – Two T-shirts – 1 small/ original size and one large /final acquired size
      – Two pairs of leggings – same sizes as above OR 1,5 m of stretch fabric to make them
      – About 1,5 m batting (also known as quilt wadding)
      – 0,5 m velcro tape
      – 0,5 narrow elastic for neck
      – Thread/cotton for sewing

      Fabric/batting measurements are for fabrics that comes in 1,5m width
      Hope this helps


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